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Just added a “Downloads” page to the menu. There is some information on the site i want you to read and understand  before you click any files. However, the fileserver is empty for now, but will slowly fill up with files as i need them there myself.

I have been stressing out the host for a good while now, and it seems stable. After writing around 15TB to the raid array, my controller seems stable, so it is time to start putting up the things i want to have here. More information comming soon!

The updating of this site has been put a little on hold, because i have some stability issues with the server. Seems like the raid controller is not having a great time handling my disks, but it seems like i have found a solution who works now. though the performance on my storage array will be slow. It doesnt really matter if that storage is slow, it is just saving backups and media files for my plex server, so nothing important there.

Will come back later with more updates once i confirm the server is stable. No point in working on a server if i need to kill it soon anyway, right?

I just put this thing online. Finally i have a permanent server solution who is both stable, cost effective and just the way i want it!

This site is now hosted on my own hardware, and coloed out to a datacenter in Norway. I was planning to host this from home on the same hardware, but as my ISP for some reason refuses to give me the ip adresses and keep them static, that is more a hassle. Today i placed a server in a datacenter in Oslo, Norway, and i am currently setting this up, including this page.

There will be alot of information about this site comming out soon. Right now i need to get my services up and running.