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Just added “files” in the menu.

I deleted my old site (again) to get rid of old broken configs, settings and stuff. Time to make a permanent home for my things, and i finally have things as i want them.

The server i am hosting from is my own server, not something leased. I am tired of throwing hundreads of euros on server providers every month to host my own stuff. There is a few vms, game servers, a huge fileserver with plex, this and a few other websites, dns and a few more things. Nothing critical, just my own stuff i run as a hobby. This page have NOTHING to do with my paying customers. There are also no paying customers on the server hosting my own personal stuff. Though, i might offer a few services from this page, but this is all hosted from production servers around the world.

I like what i am doing, and that is why this is my hobby. I am not doing this to generate traffic to the site or money.

Just put this thing online. More info comming later