Latest updates

Im looking for solutions for how to speed this up, but still be cost effective doing it. Rclone works perfect for everything else, but it looks like the images doesnt like being pulled through google and Rclone, so im looking for solutions to fix that. When that is said, this is not a priority right now for me, this will be in the future.

After working with rclone and alot of configs and stuff, i now host a terrabyte of files, 20 terrabytes of media, this website and alot more on a 10 euro vps. Insane, right? Rclone is really powerful in combination with google drive!

I will create a guide on this pretty soon. Though, this means that all windows images and file downloads are slower, but thats alright for me. Im not in a rush. 🙂


Just to fill the menu up and make a plan in my head, i added some empty pages. I will continue the work here tomorrow.

My old wordpress installation is running on IIS, and it is a pain to migrate it over to Apache, but i reinstalled wordpress and manually moved a few pages, as that is faster than remaking them all together. So now you can find Windows server templates and some other stuff in the menu. However, some of the pages are just blanks still.

Still running some tests on the new server, and so far im impressed. The cpu could be a little faster, but the storage is big and fast, and the network is perfect. Then put in the pricing, and i am really happy with it so far. Looks like i have a permanent home for my stuff now, finally!

Later today i will put the file downloads and windows images up again. I have kiddo home alone for a few days now, and having a 11 month old kid alone for a few days is a fulltime job!

Finally found good solutions to run all of my own shit out from one box, so i moved it to the cloud now. I have never been a Linux junkie, but i know the basics. The past 12 hours has been very interesting for me, setting up alot of things on Linux i have never done before. Now it all runs perfectly on a new and much more powerful server, with a much better connection. So far it looks perfect. It even handles plex transcode perfectly with rclone.

The next days there will be alot happening here. I have alot of goodies comming here!

I have alot of reasons to scrap the old site, but im not gonna tell u all that. What i can tell you, is that im changing alot of my stuff to be more aimed aginst the future. One of those things was to get this website and alot else off my windows host, and over to new vms running Debian. There was not really anything important here that i cant put up again within a few minutes, so i decided to just scrap the old one. This site should though be ALOT faster and responsive now.