Latest updates

Well, my life is kinda unstable at the moment, and that affects my other projects, like this one. There is alot of things behind this website that you cannot see who is being worked on, but this website is kinda put on hold for a while.

Though, i want to share something fast before i sign off again :

Please, stop renting expensive dedicated servers for personal use, if you dont REALLY need it. My monthly costs right now is only 20 euro / month, and that gives me :

-2 dedicated epyc cores, actually pretty fast
-160gb nvme storage
-8gb ddr4 ecc memory
-2.5gbit port, 80TB traffic, on a decent network
-Unlimited mass storage with a gsuite account, google drive and rclone. Works flawless

This setup now runs :

-4 Websites, including this and most of the stuff u find here
-Plex library, a little over 55TB as i write this, but used to be twice that
-All my personal emails, with DNS records to gmail if the vps for some reason goes down
-Monitoring tools
-Daily full system backup, pushed to google drive
-And probably alot more that i dont really want to mention public, but lets just say the torrent protocol is also used alot here

If you have good solutions to get the same or better specs, for the same or better price, let me know. I dont really think this can be beaten, if you need the cpu horsepower. Its fine for Plex, as long as you direct play 1080p and 4k content. If you really need to transcode, you might want to step it to 4 cores.

That was the pep talk of today. There is alot of plans and work going on in the backround, but life bites me in the ass at the moment. Living in a camper, designed for hot summers, in Norway at the moment, with very limited power, is a challenge. Ill make due, and it will get better, but there i said it, that is the reality at the moment.

Thank you for the emails asking for updates here, and the people who ask if everything is ok, there is actually quite alot of emails comming in regarding this now. THANK YOU!

So, i have for a while been hosting the windows images and downloads on a remote storage, mounting it using rclone. Im now moving the windows images to the server hosting this site instead, but other file downloads will still be on my remote storage. This should make the windows images ALOT faster, as they were stupid slow when pulled through rclone.

There is also alot of ideas in my head right now. There may be some surprices comming here the next few weeks. 🙂

So, for a long time, i have been moving this site back and forward, between servers, hosts and so on. Now, i have a setup im happy with, who i will keep using. As long as it is stable, i dont see any reason to move it. So from now, there will be some real work put into this site, now that i am comfortable it is safe and secure. 🙂

Well, i tried something new, and it turned out not to be a good plan. We are back here, and i hope it will stay that way now for a while. I will spend some time updating here the next few days.

I have been fucking around with the server a few times the past week, and i again put it behind a vpn to make things simple. There are plans to launch a larger project fairly soon, and i need to seperate out my personal stuff, so i moved alot up to the cloud, and now i only have personal stuff on my homeserver. This site contains a few files on the very edge of what the law will allow (kinda far over), and i do not want my new business plans to have anything to do with this.

The good thing about this, is that the windows images, and downloads no longer are pulled with rsync, so speed should be a little better. However, now it pulls though a £3 vps in Finland instead, to make sure i have a static ip to my home server, and also for a little bit of privacy.

Thank you for following the development here. The site if fairly dead, but the traffic stats shows that there are kinda alot of people checking this site several times every week. That is really fun!

Its christmas, and i have alot to do nowdays. There will be more time spent here shortly, but please understand that i want to spend time with family and my kid during xmas. I know several people are waiting for a few specific things here. They are being worked on, and will be published once i am done. However, it will take a little bit of time.

To make my setup more light weight and easy to maintain, all the downloads and windows images on this site is now pulled through my rclone and cloud storage, and not local storage. This means speeds will be alot slower, but should still be useful for the people using it. I also put some limitations on requests / day and speed, to avoid googles famous banhammer due to high bandwidth usage.

Now i have good backup routines who is 100% automated, and i have a static ip visible to the planet. The routing is now My home server – My router – VPN – Cloudflare and the other way around for almost everything. Speeds seems ok, though my home connection is only 500mbit, so you will never see faster speeds than that on this website. Feeling happy now that everything works alright, so i will leave the config as is for a while now to check for stability. If ok, i will continue with this website.

The past 4 days i have seen 4 TB traffic on my windows server images, thats not bad!

It turns out the vps provider i used, who was -perfect- for my setup to run my own stuff, kicked me out. Reason being storing windows ISO images on the vps. The interesting thing is that the real ip of the vps was never exposed from this website, so i find it interesting that they even know that. Turns out they are able to check the disk contents, even if it is kvm, and without powering down the vps, who i find totally nor acceptable. I pulled my important data of it, and i killed the vm. They need to be credited for giving me a full refund with no questions though.

Anyway, this ended up with me spinning up one more of the old HP servers i have laying around, and it is now running from my home connection. This works fine, but speed is lower, and i have to get a new vps to run the traffic through. This is a good solution for me, because this way i get a static ip, and the traffic going out and in from my home server is crypted, so my ISP wont complain about me doing some torrents and stuff from time to time.

So thats a long story made pretty short. The speed on the windows images and stuff are now alot slower (around 500mbits), but this does not really matter for me to be honest, i am not using them myself anyway, it is just something i want to give to the community.

Comming back with more information as soon as vpn and everything is 100% in place and ready to rock. Everything u find on this page (not much) should be working fine now.

Looks like my automated backups was running just fine last night. I will keep monitoring it to be 100% sure, but right now, it looks like i am good to go. This means i will keep putting bullshit up on this site, and get all my personal things running. The server does run alot of stuff that you dont see here, so i want to spend the time i need to triple check everything to make sure all is smooth sailing from now and a long time into the future with no issues. My goal here is to have a long term stable home for my things. Time will tell if it is going to work as i wait it to.